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case study: The Rinku Group Ltd


Established in 1980, The Rinku Group Ltd is a clothes manufacturer and supplier of its own-label products to some of the UK's leading retailers. Today, the company has three main divisions covering wholesale, retail and the development of its own labels: Tigi-Wear, Viz-A-Viz and iZ.

Orange worked with the Rinku Group to mobilise its management team, concessions and stores, providing 151 staff with the mobile tools to help manage more efficient stock levels and be more responsive to customers, colleagues and partners around the UK.

who is the Rinku Group Ltd?

From modest beginnings on a market stall in Widnes, Rinku Group has risen to be a major supplier of its own fashion range to high street shops and leading retailers like House of Fraser.

Through its online Tigi-Wear store, high street stores and distribution agreements with major UK retailers, Rinku Group offers a wide-range of classic women's wear to an audience of all ages across the UK.

Headquartered in London and led by its founder, Raj Loomba, the company employs more than 300 people in three countries.

what was the challenge?

Whether for customers, partners, retailers or suppliers, the company's management must always be available by email or phone. In such a fast-paced business environment, time is money and communication is key to keeping customers happy and the distribution of goods under control.

With a management team of 10 based in the field and the London head office and a concession staff of 141 spread around UK & Ireland, clear communication between staff on the progress of orders, inventory levels and stock margins was a significant challenge as the company sought to improve operational efficiencies.

As a result, mobile tools were looked upon to replace paper-based inventory checks for all head office based and logistical staff. The efficiencies were clear. By having real-time visibility of all stock levels and the movement of goods, management could ensure that customer and supplier orders were dealt with as swiftly and efficiently as possible.

However, this would need to be seamlessly integrated with the company's web-based in-house Inventory Management system, which served as a central repository for all stock and sale-related information. Ideally, the chosen solution would also integrate with the company's internally developed email system, enabling remote access to work emails through the chosen mobile device.

what is the solution?

During discussions with Orange on its range of mobile working solutions in April 2009, Rinku Group was introduced to an Orange plan, offering unlimited calls and texts between colleagues and freeing staff to communicate with each other whenever they want.

With Orange's extensive network coverage throughout the UK, management always have instant access to colleagues in the field and local operational staff with their HTC Touch 3G devices. Access to the company's internal email system is also provided through the devices, allowing management to be reponsive to customers, suppliers and partners wherever they are in the UK or abroad.

With Orange, all warehouse and logistical staff can now access the company's web-based Inventory Management system through their devices, meaning that paper-based inventory checks are a thing of the past. Now, staff are able update orders and conduct inventory checks from their HTC Touch 3G devices, with colleagues able to see updates on product arrivals, dispatches and stock levels within seconds of being updated.

As a result, management benefit from tighter control of inventory costs and greater visibility of the flow of goods through a more collaborative and efficient working environment.

"Remaining in control of our operations requires regular communication and visibility across all processes. In the retail industry, things move so fast that this becomes even more crucial. By partnering with Orange, our management team are always in control, through email or voice, and stay in regular touch with warehouse staff and colleagues around the UK. For warehouse staff, they can also play a more strategic role in our overall success by keeping everyone updated in real-time of product movements." - Umesh Sharma, IT Consultant, Good IT Ltd

"When colleagues are geographically dispersed and always on the move, communication can often suffer. Rinku Group is one of many examples of business using innovative mobile technology as part of their daily operations. By keeping staff in touch and arming them with the tools to be productive, companies like Rinku Group are well prepared to be responsive to customers and partners - key success factors for businesses today." - Martin Lyne, Director of Small and Medium Business, Orange UK