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case study: The Plastic Card Shop


Formed in 2000, The Plastic Card Shop specialises in providing a wide-range of plastic loyalty, membership and business cards to UK organisations.

Orange worked with The Plastic Card Shop to mobilise and help grow its business, providing the team with the mobile tools needed to engage effectively with customers, partners and manufacturers around the country.

who is The Plastic Card Shop?

After graduating from University, Matt Payne, Managing Director of The Plastic Card Shop, worked for a small business offering plastic loyalty cards to UK petrol stations. Spotting an opportunity to provide UK businesses with high- quality personalised loyalty cards, Matt set out in 2000 to carve his own niche in the relatively young UK loyalty card market.

Since launching, The Plastic Card Shop has gone from strength to strength, serving thousands of customers across the UK and boasting exclusive deals with some of the world's largest plastic card manufacturers.

In 2009, the company expanded its business and product portfolio by launching its ecocardTM range of loyalty, membership and retail gift cards - all made from a combination of 100% recycled paper, plants, seeds and other sustainable materials.

Sold under the ecocard brand, the new line of eco-friendly products are already being widely adopted by leading UK retailers. To demonstrate their appeal, one product, 'Bloomcard', can be planted and a collection of flowers will flourish in its place.

what was the challenge?

Being constantly available to customers, partners and manufacturers is paramount to the company's success. As such, a mobile solution was needed that could provide reliable and instant access to work emails and the internet - in addition to high-quality voice services.

As a small business, having visibility of all working aspects of the organisation was key to Matt. Knowing the status of inventory, sales and the progress of customer queries was something the company felt would make all the difference in providing a reliable and innovative service to customers.

To support this, the company uses a web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and sales tool that arms all staff with the information they need to answer customer and partner queries effectively.

However, any chosen mobile working solution would also need to provide web-based access to these CRM tools, in order for staff to be able to access them anywhere and anytime - to prevent jeopardising the customer experience.

what is the solution?

During discussions with Orange on its range of mobile working solutions, The Plastic Card Shop was introduced to a flat rate tariff, which provides Matt and his team with 400 inclusive minutes per month and free calls between each other.

To cater for its mobile email and data needs, The Plastic Card Shop was also introduced to the BlackBerry® Internet Service from Orange, providing all six members of the team with unlimited data usage on their BlackBerry® BoldTM 9000 devices. For staff, this has proven invaluable.

With unrestricted internet access around the clock, staff can now access the company's web-based CRM and sales tools through their devices whenever they choose.

Sending and receiving work emails is also kept simple, with all BlackBerry devices synched to Microsoft Exchange. Managing the device itself is equally easy, with all staff capable of configuring, wiping and restoring devices from their individual PCs.

"The very nature of our business means that we always need to be available for our customers and network of partners and manufacturers. Since partnering with Orange, our experience has been great. They support the flexible way we work and allow us to access business critical-applications online - wherever we are." - Matt Payne, Managing Director, The Plastic Card Shop

"For growing businesses, staying responsive to customers and prospects is critical. There is also a need to stay in touch with partners, suppliers and manufacturers - which is often difficult when travelling around the country. The Plastic Card Shop is testament to how businesses can get the balance right, by always being able to answer queries and close deals, wherever they are." - Martin Lyne, Director of Small and Medium Business, Orange UK