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case study: Aktrion Quality Services


Aktrion Quality Services, a subsidiary of the Aktrion Group, provide support and quality control services to a range of businesses in the automotive and general manufacturing sectors.

Orange worked with Aktrion Quality Services to mobilise its business, providing its team of Quality Controllers with the tools to stay connected and in touch with customers and colleagues around the UK.

who are Aktrion Quality Services?

Meeting Service Level Agreements (SLAs) is a major challenge for the automotive and manufacturing industry. Heavy fines, disruption to operations and reputation damage can all be the consequence of failing to meet service level agreements (SLAs) within this sector.

Since 1992, Aktrion Quality Services has been taking the pressure off companies needing to meet SLAs, by providing their own skilled engineers and Quality Controllers as an outsourced service to clients.

what was the challenge?

The company's team of quality controllers, have to work with customers up and down the UK ,often in isolated areas where mobile network coverage can be a challenge - especially for those employees regularly working in steel clad buildings or on site at heavy production sites.

For these staff in particular, Aktrion Quality Services needed to provide them with the tools to stay connected to customers 24/7, especially in areas of low coverage, without risk of interruption.

what is the solution?

As an Orange customer for over four years, Aktrion Quality Services was familiar with Orange's range of innovative mobile solutions and in order to stay connected, the company chose to deploy the Blackberry® CurveTM 8520 to its quality controllers - specifically as it features the latest developments in UMA technology.

With UMA technology built into the device, Aktrion's Quality Controllers can enjoy enhanced connectivity indoors. It works by boosting the phone signal in areas where it may be patchy.

By maximising the devices' ability to connect to the Orange network with UMA technology, Quality Controllers are now always available to customers.

"Our job is to help our customers meet their own SLAs. Missing calls, or being out of range, is just not an option as it means we're not supporting them in meeting their own deadlines. With UMA technology from Orange, we know that our Quality Control team is always able to connect to the Orange network, wherever they may be."
Brett Newell, (IT & Telecommunications support), Aktrion Quality Services

"Companies like Aktrion Quality Services are providing vital support to organisations across the UK and if there are times when coverage is not at its strongest, it can affect businesses such as theirs. We're delighted that our UMA technology is supporting the way Aktrion Quality Services chooses to work, and the way they serve their customers."
Martin Lyne, Director of Small and Medium business, Orange UK