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Answer Phone

Answer Phone

In an important meeting? Don't want to be interrupted? Orange Answer Phone is a feature-rich service that will manage your calls when you're not able to.

  • send and receive messages conveniently
  • it's available to every business customer
  • access from any phone (once you've set up your PIN)
  • record personal greetings
  • no setup or subscription fees
  • easy to access and use


  • keep clients up to date

You can change your personal greeting as often as you like, or leave temporary messages to let callers know when to expect a response.

  • send group messages

Keep others informed by forwarding messages you've received. You can send a message to groups of up to 25 people at once.

  • get all the details

Your mailbox lets you see how many messages you have, who left them, what time, and even details of callers who haven’t left a message.

  • never miss calls

Manage and receive your messages at your convenience and make sure no calls go unanswered.


Available to all business users, Answer Phone gives you control over your calls so you won't miss those important calls.

what's in it for the company?

  • your people are always in touch with each other, enabling faster decisions
  • every business customer gets this service automatically, so it's convenient and ready to use
  • no set up or monthly subscription fee, so it won't cost you anything extra

what's in it for you?

Orange Answer Phone lets you receive and manage messages at your convenience.

be professional and in control

  • record your own personal greetings and change them as often as you like to keep clients up to date
  • leave temporary messages to let callers know when to expect a response if you're away
  • send messages to keep your contacts informed when it is inconvenient or unnecessary to have a conversation
  • forward messages you've received to others
  • send a message to groups of up to 25 people at the same time
  • Orange alerts you not only of your voicemail message but who left the message, what time, details of subsequent messages and even details of those who don't leave a message (missed calls)
  • manage your calls at your convenience
  • many other features such as returning the call through one button press (#) and returning the call directly in to the caller's mailbox
  • store messages for 21 days or 7 days if listened to
  • enjoy the same experience while roaming as in the UK
  • easy to access (dial `123` or hold down the `1` key) and easy to use
  • access your Answer Phone from any other phone (must set up PIN first)
    » find out how to set up your Answer Phone PIN

plans and prices

how much does it cost?

Answer Phone is charged at the normal call rates according to your Orange talk plan. There are no set up or monthly subscription fees.


how to guide

Show more/lesshow to use your Orange Answer Phone.

Just press and hold down the Answer Phone key on your Orange phone or call 123.

listen to messages and manage your settings

  • to listen to your message, press 1
  • to manage your greetings, press 2
  • for different settings and features, press 3 - you can send a voice message directly to someone's answerphone (option 4)
  • for help, press 0

when you're listening to a message:

  • to listen to your message again, press 1
  • to save it, press 2
  • to delete it, press 3
  • to receive a free text with the caller's details, press 4 - you can then store the details straight into your phone book
  • to reply with a recorded message back to the caller's answerphone, press 5
  • to pause and restart the message, press 6
  • to rewind the message 10 seconds, press 7
  • to skip to the next message, press 8
  • to fast forward 10 seconds, press 9
  • to return the call and save the message at the same time, press #
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Show more/lesshow to set up your Answer Phone PIN

Setting up a PIN for your Orange Answer Phone will ensure that your voicemail messages are protected. You'll also need to have an Answer Phone PIN set up to access your voicemail while abroad in some countries.

Here's how to set up you Answer Phone PIN:

  1. call your Answer Phone from your Orange mobile by dialling 123 or holding 1
  2. select option 3 for settings and features
  3. select option 3 to set your PIN

Your unique PIN must be between four and ten digits long. For better security, your PIN can not be made up of one repeated number (like 2222), or consecutive numbers (like 5678).

We recommend that you change your PIN on a regular basis. For additional security, it's also possible to require the entry of your PIN every time you access your Answer Phone, either from another phone or your mobile phone itself.

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