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Option ICON 225 USB Modem

The Option ICON 225 USB Modem offers the simplest internet access method ever in a small pocket-sized design. Insert your SIM card, plug it into any PC, Mac or laptop through its USB connector and you are ready to surf the internet at high speed using the latest 3G+ wireless network technology.


It combines high speed wireless connectivity (up to 7.2 Mbps* downlink) with extreme ease of use. Installation couldn't be easier as it comes with Options 'ZeroCDTM technology'. Just plug in the device and the Orange Business Everywhere software will install automatically allowing you to connect to the internet within minutes wherever you are.

You are then one click away from accessing the internet: E-mail, Instant Messaging, browsing, downloading & streaming. The Option ICON 225 USB Modem is a truly simple device for easy internet access.

*subject to network coverage



Here you'll find the full list of technical specifications for the Option ICON 225 USB Modem


  • height 63mm
  • width 26mm
  • depth 13mm

data transfer/connectivity

  • 3G+ / HSDPA
  • 3G
  • GPRS
  • seamless handover between 3G and GPRS networks
  • EDGE


  • email
  • Text Messaging (SMS)


  • signal strength indicator
  • Business Everywhere Connection Manager software


  • PIN code for locking SIM
  • compatibility with
  • Windows® XP Tablet
  • Windows® XP
  • Windows® Vista
  • Apple Mac

compatibility with

  • Latest Business Everywhere v9 connection manager
  • Business Everywhere v8.07 connection manager