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Orange Landline for Business

Orange Landline for Business

Orange Landline for Business lets you combine your mobile and fixed line accounts, so you've got just one provider (that's us, of course) for both services.

  • highly competitive rates, especially to mobiles
  • no transfer fees
  • 20% average savings on BT landline bills*
  • choice of monthly bundles
  • keep your existing numbers
  • online billing and analysis service

*based on BT's landline published tariffs

Terms and conditions apply


  • leave it to us

You won’t have to deal with your current provider – we’ll do that for you. Let us handle all the details while you focus on your business.

  • switch with no hassle

There won’t be any interruption to your service. And you can keep your current business telephone numbers and any line features you want.

  • save money

By having both your landline and mobile contracts with Orange you’ll make savings on a number of levels thanks to our transparent pricing.

  • make life easier

Things like billing and support are so much more convenient when you’ve got one provider handling your mobile and landline accounts.


It's so easy to move to Orange Landline for Business, you won't even notice it happening. We've made it completely hassle-free and cost effective too.

why switch?

  • there won't be any interruption to your service and no disruption to your business, so you can carry on with work as usual
  • no transfer fees for switching means cost isn't a concern
  • we'll stay in contact all through the process so you always know what's going on
  • we'll deal with your current provider so you don't have to
  • our dedicated customer service team will give you peace of mind and reassurance
  • a 20% average saving on BT's landline published tariffs means making the switch to Orange Landline for Business is a cost-effective choice
  • our pricing is familiar, simple and clear, with pence per minute rated pricing, per second billing and a choice of monthly bundles
  • we offer highly competitive rates between Orange landline and any Orange mobile numbers, and even better rates when you call between your Orange landline and your other Orange mobiles
  • we offer a long-term commitment to offer best value for business in the landline market
  • keep the features you want - there's no need to change your current business number, and there's no need for pre-dial access codes, or any investment in new boxes or technology

get set up easily

  • Are you an existing Orange customer? All you need to do is contact your account manager or call 158 or 345 from your Orange mobile.
  • New to Orange? Just call 0800 037 3015 and we'll get you set up in no time

plans and prices

We've worked hard to keep our prices low and very competitive.

To help give you an idea of how much Orange Landline for Business will cost you, take a look at the pricing charts below.

Orange line rental:

number of lines cost per line per month
1 £11.00
2-4 £10.50
5-8 £10.00
9+ £9.50

All active lines contribute to total number of lines.

Active ISDN30 lines will incur an additional charge of £3.50 per line per month.

Standard charges for non-bundle calls:

Type Peak Off-peak
national 1.7p 1.7p
your Orange mobile 4p 4p
orange mobile 7p 5.5p
other mobile 11p 6.5p
3 16p 16p

Bundle prices for national calls:

Minutes Fee
120 £1.80
200 £3.00
400 £6.00
700 £10.00
1000 £14.00
2000 £28.00
5000 £70.00
7500 £100.00
10000 £130.00
15000 £190.00

Bundle prices for mobile calls:

Minutes Fee
120 £9.70
200 £16.10
400 £32.30
700 £56.60
1000 £81.00
2000 £161.00
5000 £404.00
7500 £606.00
10000 £808.00
15000 £1,210.00