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BlackBerry® Internet Service

BlackBerry® Internet Service

BlackBerry® Internet Service synchronises your web based email accounts with your BlackBerry® to give you mobile push email and mobile internet - without any need for your own email server.

  • designed for single users
  • cost-effective mobile email and mobile internet
  • compatible with most email providers
  • access up to 10 email accounts
  • no additional set-up costs

Terms and conditions apply


  • control costs

With everything you need on your BlackBerry® and no set up fees, it’s a cost-effective way to get mobile push email and mobile internet working for you.

  • set up easily

It’s quick to get started, and you can do it right on your BlackBerry®. Just click ‘set up email’, enter your email address and password and you’re ready to go.

  • respond faster

Once set up, you can respond to customers’ needs wherever you are, so there’s less chance of missing those all-important business opportunities.

  • choose from two options

Take BlackBerry Internet Service as part of your Orange talk plan or get it as a data-only plan.


BlackBerry® Internet Service is a cost-effective way to get mobile email and mobile internet working for you.
There are no additional setup costs - and everything you need is on your BlackBerry® itself.

set up easily

  • simple connectivity and compatibility with Windows Live!TM Hotmail, Yahoo!®, Google Mail TM, AOL® and Orange email addresses, or any other POP3 or IMAP4 Internet Service Provider (ISP) email account

Note: Service availability may vary with some email providers, and some may impose extra charges for remote mobile access. Be sure to check with your provider directly

  • up to 10 business and/or personal email accounts can be added to your BlackBerry, so you'll never need to worry about missing emails


getting started

Everything you need to get started comes in the box.

integrating multiple email accounts

  • true Push delivery - your email finds you, so there's no effort required
  • add up to 10 personal or work email addresses to your BlackBerry®
  • each mailbox is automatically updated whenever you send, delete or read messages on your smartphone
  • view attachments in popular file formats easily
  • type and navigate quickly and intuitively
  • send Voice Notes as email attachments or multimedia messages

viewing and editing documents

Get all the information you need when you need to work on the go, with the ability to open, view, download and even edit email attachments on your BlackBerry®.

Control how much information you receive:

  • request a document's table of contents, or view the full content
  • enjoy optimised file formats
  • see document formatting and fonts used
  • view footnotes and tracked changes
  • open the following types of attachments:
    • Microsoft® Word
    • Microsoft Excel®
    • Microsoft PowerPoint®
    • Corel® WordPerfect®
    • Adobe® PDF
    • ASCII documents
    • HTML
    • images: JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG and TIFF
    • file types listed above archived in .zip format
  • download attachments in:
    • Microsoft® Word
    • Microsoft PowerPoint®
    • pan, zoom and rotate images
    • save images to your smartphone or memory card
    • view embedded images within .doc and .pdf compatible email accounts

compatible email accounts

BlackBerry Internet Service allows you to easily set up and connect to email from most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and web email providers like Yahoo!, AOL, MSN Hotmail Plus, Orange and BT Openworld.

You can add up to 10 business and/or personal email accounts to your mobile device.

If you want to access your work email on a Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Small Business Server, you can download BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express software for free and get access to your Exchange email services.

Please note, BlackBerry Internet Service plans from Orange don't include technical support for a BES Express server.

If you require technical support including installation and ongoing support, choose one of our BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express plans.

plans and prices

how to get BlackBerry Internet Service

BlackBerry Internet Service with 50MB of data per month is included as standard with a Business Solo or Business SIM Only plan.

If you need more data, you can choose to add the inclusive mobile browsing flexible extra to your plan. This gives you 750MB of data and unlimited WiFi. You can also buy it as an add-on for £6.50 per month.

All prices are ex VAT.

already an Orange business customer?

Our new Business Solo and Business SIM Only plans come with 50MB of mobile email data included as standard. To move to one of these plans and take advantage of the new inclusive benefits, just contact business customer services on your usual number.

Alternatively, you can stay on your existing plan and add the BlackBerry Internet Service client with 50MB of data for £2.50 per month.

Fair use policy of 750MB applies to unlimited WiFi.


roaming costs

It's important to note that roaming charges are in addition to the normal monthly charges. Data usage abroad will be charged at the standard data roaming rates. BlackBerry® is an always on, always connected data service. It will automatically attempt periodically to connect to the data network when turned on in another country and there is a possibility that a charge could be triggered when the device connects to the network. BlackBerry® email functionality can be switched off whilst roaming to avoid unnecessary costs or charges.

Find out more about roaming.


how to guide

Show more/lesshow to register for BlackBerry Internet Service

From when you first switch on your BlackBerry device the setup wizard will guide you to the email setup (or if you want to set up your mail later, go to the setup menu and click the "E-mail Settings" icon), then just:

  1. Click "Create New Account"
  2. Accept the BlackBerry T&C's
  3. Enter your email address and password and you're done. Email will soon start being pushed to your device.
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