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Looking for reliable business devices? Need network coverage you can rely on? Take your pick from our range of products and services which offer the flexibility your business requires.

phones and devices

mobile phones

Tried and tested business devices you can rely on to get the job done.


Sometimes a laptop is more than you want to carry, and a smartphone is a tad small for the task at hand.

datacards and modems

Fast mobile broadband on the go means you can do business wherever you are.

chargers and accessories

Get the most from your Orange device and make sure you've got the power you need.

car kits

Work more efficiently and safely on the move and turn travel time into productive time.

Orange Care

If your Orange phone gets lost, stolen or develops a fault, we'll make sure you're covered.

handset replacement

If your handset is faulty, get it replaced in 24 hours as standard on specified business plans.

test, test, test again

Be sure of business-grade devices with our rigorous testing programme.

business insights

case study:

Using BlackBerry® to stay connected to customers and suppliers.

The Rinku Group Ltd

case study: The Rinku Group Ltd

Using smartphones to improve stock visibility and reduce inventory costs.

internet and email

mobile email

With email access on the move, you'll never miss an opportunity.

mobile broadband

Make the world your office - with Orange, it's now easy to do business wherever work takes you.

fixed broadband

Reliable broadband for your home or office keeps you connected to the information you need.

business insights

The Plastic Card Shop

case study: The Plastic Card Shop

Connecting a growing business to its business-critical applications.

services and accounts

voice services

A range of cost-effective and convenient services to help you get more out of your phone.

messaging and video services

Whether it's a quick text or a video call - get the message across how you want.

manage your account

Manage your Orange account online and by text with our quick and easy-to-use tools and apps.

business insights

BSG Property Services

case study: BSG Property Services

Maintaining a competitive edge through accurate vehicle tracking.

network and connectivity

the network

Get the best coverage when it matters most for business. See what makes our network great.

coverage solutions

Reliable in-building coverage solutions that give you enhanced connectivity.

business insights

Aktrion Quality Services

case study: Aktrion Quality Services

With UMA technology Aktrion's Quality Controllers can enjoy enhanced connectivity indoors with Orange.

applications and solutions

Business Text Messaging

Get the message out to lots of people at once, right from your computer.

business insights

Christian Surfers

case study: Christian Surfers

Using Business Solo to do business on the move but keep costs in check.

buy online

Shopping basket

Buy up to five devices online from the Orange business shop.

HD Voice for business

Orange business HD Voice

Make your mobile phone calls a better, more natural, experience.

working better together

Exchange Online Magazine

Our special edition of Exchange magazine is devoted to collaboration. Get articles, advice and real-life case studies.