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superfast is here

EE, the new brand from the company behind Orange and T-Mobile, has now launched.

EE is the first brand in the country to offer a mobile 4G service, giving you superfast mobile internet at speeds typically five times faster than 3G.

EE has also launched Fibre Broadband for home workers and businesses, providing speeds typically ten times faster than today's average broadband speeds. All of this will enable Britain to become a modern, truly digital country.

you're part of it from the start

The EE network has been created by bringing together the 2G and 3G networks of Orange and T-Mobile, coupled with a three-year, £1.5bn investment programme.

As an Orange customer you're already using EE's upgraded 3G network, the biggest in the UK. And it's 50% quicker than the Orange network was at the start of the year.

a new brand; even better service

Our relationship will stay just as it is, with the same specialist business customer support and account management. But the way in which we serve you is going to get even better. Here's what to expect from EE:

  • Brand new superfast 4G mobile, Fibre Broadband and state of the art devices - all complementing the existing Orange product portfolio.
  • Superfast 4G in 16 cities by Christmas, making them some of the most connected places in the world.
  • Phones and tablets now display EE instead of Orange, although you'll continue to see some Orange touch points until early 2013.
  • Orange and T-Mobile stores have been transformed into exciting new EE stores.

a brilliant opportunity for business

To discover exactly how EE can make doing business faster and easier, just speak to your account manager or visit

We're looking forward to creating a new infrastructure that propels Britain into a new digital age.


what are 4G and 4GEE?

4G is the fourth generation of mobile networks. It offers superfast mobile internet speeds that make it unbelievably quick to use the internet on compatible phones, tablets and dongles.  4GEE is the name of EE's 4G offer.

where will 4GEE be available?

4G will launch in 16 major UK cities by the end of the year, covering about 33% of the UK population, and that's just the start.  Use our coverage checker to find out where 4GEE is available.

will my current phone work on 4G?

To use 4G you’ll need 4G coverage, a 4G compatible phone, 4G SIM card and 4G plan on EE. Take a look at our range of 4G enabled phones and devices.

do I need to do anything to move to EE?

All large and medium sized Orange business customers have automatically become EE business customers. You can now decide whether to upgrade to 4G or not.

what does EE offer?

EE is the brand for a new digital age. It offers the UK’s first mobile 4G network and Fibre Broadband, along with the UK's biggest 3G network. 4G gives customers who choose it superfast internet on the go to make things like sending big emails, downloading presentations and accessing corporate systems unbelievably quick. To enjoy the benefits of 4G, you’ll need 4G coverage, a 4G compatible phone or mobile broadband dongle, 4G SIM card and 4G plan on EE.

my phone screen sometimes still displays Orange or T-Mobile as well as EE. Does this mean my phone has not been updated properly?
Don't worry, you're still benefiting from full access to the EE network. This is happening to your display because you have an older phone or SIM card that stops it from displaying the EE network correctly.

Terms and conditions

When 4G launches a compatible 4G device and plan on EE is required. Subject to coverage. UK only. Minimum term applies. Just how fast your 4G will be depends on a couple of things. Where you are and how many other people are using 4G too. Have a quick look at for more info. 5 times faster mobile internet based on 1.5 Mb/sec UK average speed for 3G (source: most recent Ofcom speed survey) and 8-12 Mbps average speed for 4GEE (source: EE data). 10 times faster fixed line internet based on 58.5 Mbps average speed on EE Fibre compared to the average speed of 5.9Mbits/s on ADSL broadband across the UK (source: most recent Ofcom broadband speed survey). Fibre speed may vary depending on distance from street cabinet and how many people are using the network at the same time as you. Traffic management policies apply, please see You'll also need an EE Fibre broadband plan. Biggest 3G network based on total number of 3G transmitters.

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